Quest Night 2015!

Tickets for Quest Night 2015: Black Blood Rising are on sale now! See our Quest Night page for more information!

Amplify Austin 2015!

SCARE for a CURE is pleased to announce we will be one of 500 nonprofits participating in the 2015 Amplify Austin Day of Giving on March 5th​. Please consider donating to our cause!​

SCARE has a commitment to mentor others, particularly our youth. Both adults and young students from all over Austin (particularly those favoring the arts) are asked to contribute their time, resources, creativity, and commitment to help develop and execute SCARE productions. Students attend Haunt University to learn set building, set decorations, make-up techniques, fundraising, and what I have technical production, among other topics. SCARE mentoring programs provide training in the classroom, one-on-one and via hands-on activities through the advisement of an assigned adult mentor. By the end of a SCARE production, volunteers have improved self-reliance, responsibility, social skills, leadership, performance skills, Science / Technology skills and an increased sense of philanthropy as net proceeds from our production is donated to local cancer related charities.

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