Quest Night Launch Party!

Join us for an afternoon of fun and learn more about what Quest Night is and how it works. Helps us kick off our 2017 season with the sound of clashing swords and rolling dice!

  • When: Sunday, February 12, 2017
  • When: 1:30-4:30pm CST
  • Where: 14219 Littig Road, Manor, TX 78653

Quest Night is an intense experience like no other. Play the role of a warrior, mage, rogue, or cleric as you attempt to save the village of Haven. You will battle giant spiders, undead warriors, and ultimately confront an ancient EVIL! Will you be our next hero?
Sounds exciting right? Well come to our Kickoff Party and learn more about how you can get involved in this awesome adventure!

Final Judgement End of Show Photos!

Final Judgement photos are now up on SmugMug! All photos should be up; if you cannot find yours, please message us with the date and time you attended. Final Judgement 2016 photos!

Inside Austin Radio Interview

Check out the radio interview that one of our Founders (also our President, Director, and Chief Porta-Potty Mover), Jarrett Crippen, gave on Talk Radio 1370am during the Inside Austin show.

Download the Interview!

There are still tickets left, so make sure to get yours before we sell out!
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A Civil War Confederate hero; Jedediah Ezekiel Dunstan, comes home from the war and decides to become a Judge in order to dispense justice in a growing Central Texas community. However, Jedediah, consumed by the concepts of righteousness and penance, relies too heavily on the Old Book and the idea of the FOUR Horsemen.
Soon, he had punished all those who found themselves in his court. He next turned his eye to punishing his servants and staff and finally, his family.
No one knows what finally happened to the Judge but the house has exchanged hands several times over the decades. Death and chaos always seem to follow those that dare to live in it. Finally, in the year 2016, a TV production company, "One Bad Night" productions, (famous for their reality TV shows), has purchased the property and have issued a challenge for anyone who can make it to the heart of the house and solve the mystery of what happened to the Judge and his family, and of course then make it out again with video footage of their harrowing ordeal. One Bad Night Productions will of course send a professional camera-person in with you.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Justice must be served.
Will anyone... make it out alive?
Are YOU ready for FINAL Judgment?

SCARE for a CURE Post Season

In 2015 SCARE for a CURE presented our haunt, the Dread Asylum.

This haunt saw our customers touring the Littig Asylum and Sanatorium, leading to them discovering the horrors inside. People were faced directly with some of their worst fears, ranging from clowns, the dark, dolls, murderous children, snakes, spiders, and more! It was an extremely successful haunt, pulling in rave reviews and many repeat guests! It was easily one of SCARE's best shows, and as the final night ended we were all exahusted and happy to have pulled off such a performance.

This year also had a share of unfortunate circumstances. For the first time ever, SCARE had to cancel two shows, both due to rain. Nature stormed and raged, damaging portions of the haunt; after and between shows, our tireless and talented volunteers worked hard to get things repaired and ready for the next!

As a direct result of this hard work and your patronage, we were able to present the Breast Cancer Resource Centers of Texas with a whopping $30,000! This money goes directly to helping Central Texans diagnosed with breast cancer as they confront obstacles that stand in the way of their treatment or affect their quality of life. They are truly an amazing organization, and we are so happy to play our small part in helping them with their mission.

BCRC Donation from the 2015 Wrap Party

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