Are you prepared to enter the PHOBIA ASYLUM?

SCARE for a CURE presents our 2015 haunt, the Phobia Asylum!

The Littig Asylum and Sanatorium has reopened under the guidance of world-renowned Dr. Timor. We are offering tours of our facility this October. Do you suffer from nyctoophobia (fear of the dark), arachnophobia (spiders), hemophobia (blood), or others? What makes you shiver and your skin crawl? We can help! Led by our highly qualified p?ersonnel, your tour includes our entire facility and the opportunity to observe our traditional as well as cutting edge techniques. The tour may be vigorous at times, and include running, climbing, crawling and dodging, but is perfectly safe and will be monitored by government officials.

Tours groups of 6 are by appointment only and limited availability, so act quickly!

Phobia Asylum tickets are purchased online only: $40
(Get a free ticket to The Bone Yard: Dance Macabre with the purchase of your Phobia Asylum ticket)

Tickets now on sale! Click here to purchase!

Don't be afraid, we are here to help with your phobias.

Net proceeds will go to the Breast Cancer Resource Centers of Texas.

Quest Night 2015: BLACK BLOOD RISING Photos

Heroes of Quest Night!
We apologize for the delay in availablity of the photos from your adventures this year.
We had some technical difficulties with the image collection device, and the quality of some of the photos is below our expectations.
In recompense, we will not be charging any fees for you to download your party's victory photo!
We are grateful for the support you have shown us the last 3 years and we hope the QUEST will continue for years to come!

Simply click on the date of your ticket below, and you will be sent to the SCARE for a CURE album for photos of that night, hosted on

April 17th
April 18th
April 24th
April 25th
Once in an album, you can find your photos, and download the full resolution for free!

Thank you!
-The Quest Night Team

Prepare for Quest Night 2015: BLACK BLOOD RISING

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