Build Season has officially begun!

The kickoff party was a smashing success, with a veritable horde of people descending on the High Road at Dawson to learn more about SCARE for a CURE. Not only did we see a lot of people, but we had several news crews out as well! KXAN aired the following video during the evening:

Following our meet and greet, raffle, and a presentation by our Director Jarrett Crippen, a small demo of our famous gore cannon was held in the parking lot. Concurrently, auditions for roles in the haunt were held inside. Feel like you missed out? No need to worry! Our Build Season officially started with this event, and our next day of work starts Saturday the 5th of August. We have roles and volunteer opportunities from people in all walks of life and all levels of experience. Please, come out and help us make this a haunt to remember!

Here's a link to the KXAN website where you can read their story on our event!

Past Events photos are still for sale!

Did you attend Quest Night or Final Judgement? Then simply click on the links below and you will be sent to the SCARE for a CURE SmugMug page for each event, where you can find and purchase your photos!

Quest Night 2017 Photos.

Final Judgement 2016 photos!

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