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Quest Night Classes & Lore

Quest Night 2019

6th Year

If you leave the city gates and pass the ancient oak,
Take with you iron weights or beware the Little Folk!

Many gates connect the fairylands to Scaria, but while the fey attack individuals, they have never threatened the whole kingdom… until now. Someone has abrogated the ancient compacts that governed fairy behavior in our realm! Changelings that once only replaced disobedient children now replace adults. Red Hats soak their caps in blood in full daylight. And the gremlins sabotage everything.

Heroes! Scaria needs you! You’ve faced giant dragons, towering elementals, and hordes of undead. This time the threat comes in smaller packages. The Wyld Hunt comes to Scaria! Let the games begin!

Class Descriptions

BASIC Classes

Armed with a sword, the Warrior uses martial prowess to batter aside any obstacle that is foolish enough to stand in the way. Warriors wield a sword to Attack and Block.

Wise as the day is long, the Mage uses the eldritch forces at their command to cast aside any foe. Mages have a staff and a spellbook. They can choose between a physical Staff Attack or Casting a Spell.

At home in the darkness, the Rogue slinks through the shadows of the realm, using tricks and stealth to outlast their competition. Rogues have a dagger and a cloak, and can choose between a Melee Attack, or the ability to Hide and Sneak Attack for extra damage.

Called to power by the gods themselves, the Cleric uses a mace and their faith to bolster their companions and cure their ills. Clerics have a mace and holy symbol, and can choose to Attack or to Heal Themselves Or Another.

ELITE Classes

All ELITE Classes start off with a bonus ability and two extra hit points, in addition to all the abilities of their Standard counterparts.

Trained as a warrior from a young age, the venerable Warlord has learned how to use magic to heal their allies.
Warlords gain a heal spell to use.

Tested under the trials of combat, the Battlemage uses the knowledge of battle and a magic amulet to become a devastating force on the battlefield.
Battlemages gain a Magic Amulet that allows them to Shield themselves from incoming attacks.

Adept at hiding in plain sight, the Shadow uses guile and poison to inflict greater damage upon their foes.
Shadows gain a poison dagger, effectively doubling their damage.

Blessed in life and combat, the Crusader unlocks a powerful direct damage attack.
The Crusader can call upon the power of the Pantheon to Smite their foes.

ALL Classes gain additional abilities as they level up!

More Information

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