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Our 2021 Season

Feb 14, 2022

Dear Scare Supporters,

We want to thank our volunteers and guests for making our Haunt “Lockdown” a success. Dealing with all the challenges of a pandemic, our volunteers put in long hours to create and perform a great show. Our guests came and supported us, and we hope enjoyed the show. We used a lot of technology to protect both our guests and volunteers, a challenge for our FX team. They did an amazing job. We are happy to share that through your support, we donated $30,000 to the Breast Cancer Resource Center, as well as $1,500 to Manor ISD.

We are currently working our our April 2022 event Quest Night for some medieval fun. Hope you check it out. And yes, the Haunt for 2022 is already in discussion. Going to keep you in suspense over the theme. You will need to check in later this summer.

Our 2020 Season

Aug 21, 2020

Dear Scare Supporters,

With heavy hearts, we announce the cancellation of our Haunt 2020 season. The welfare of our patrons and volunteers is our number one priority. Scare still intends to continue our mission and aid our charities and we are developing some innovative fundraisers.

Hopefully, we can still count on your support. More details on these events will be forthcoming. Please stay tuned and be part of our fundraising efforts during these unusual times. We always appreciate our patrons and all the support you provide.