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The Bone Yard

Killer Video Rewind!

Nobody has a better selection of horror movies than us! With this

Dear Valued Customers of Killer Video,

Let’s hit REWIND and formally apologize to the families of the victims who were involved in the Manor store incident last year. Now for some good news: This location is now our flagship store. We have so many “Killer” surprises in store for you, including NO MORE LATE FEES!! Come on down to our grand re-opening this October and meet our newly trained staff. We have reprogrammed them. DO NOT ENTER THE BREAKROOM! We are not responsible for the actions of our employees on break. Do not listen to the news, do not listen to your parents. It is safe here in Killer Video, you love Killer Video, YOU NEED KILLER VIDEO. Did we mention? NO LATE FEES!! KILLER VIDEO is waiting for you TO MAKE IT A KILLER VIDEO NIGHT.

*Late fees strictly enforced

The Boneyard takes about 20 minutes additional to go through, and will not cover you in blood and gore.

Admission is included with your ticket to Curse of the Blood Demon.