Terms and Conditions

By purchasing a ticket, you agree that ALL SALES ARE FINAL. The Event will happen rain or shine. IF a show is canceled by SCARE for a CURE, ticket holders will have 72 hours from cancellation announcement to reschedule or ask for a refund by emailing Tickets@ExtremeTix.com. Ticket holder may also opt to make the purchase a donation to benefiting charities in lieu of refund. Maximum 6 people in a group; groups larger than 6 will be split, and groups smaller than 6 may be combined with other guests to fill out a group. SCARE for a CURE reserves the right to determine the number of people in each part of a split group, but we will attempt to accommodate the wishes of the group as much as possible. Tickets bought at multiple entry times may be combined for admission together, subject to the group size limits; while we will generally attempt to admit groups to the haunt as soon as possible, admission prior to the latest ticketed time is not guaranteed.

SCARE for a CURE Post Season

In 2015, SCARE for a CURE presented our haunt, the Dread Asylum.

This haunt saw our customers touring the Littig Asylum and Sanatorium, leading to them discovering the horrors inside. People were faced directly with some of their worst fears, ranging from clowns, the dark, dolls, murderous children, snakes, spiders, and more! It was an extremely successful haunt, pulling in rave reviews and many repeat guests! It was easily one of SCARE's best shows, and as the final night ended we were all exahusted and happy to have pulled off such a performance.

This year also had a share of unfortunate circumstances. For the first time ever, SCARE had to cancel two shows, both due to rain. Nature stormed and raged, damaging portions of the haunt; after and between shows, our tireless and talented volunteers worked hard to get things repaired and ready for the next!

As a direct result of this hard work and your patronage, we were able to present the Breast Cancer Resource Centers of Texas with a whopping $30,000! This money goes directly to helping Central Texans diagnosed with breast cancer as they confront obstacles that stand in the way of their treatment or affect their quality of life. They are truly an amazing organization, and we are so happy to play our small part in helping them with their mission.

BCRC Donation from the 2015 Wrap Party