A Civil War Confederate hero; Jedediah Ezekiel Dunstan, comes home from the war and decides to become a Judge in order to dispense justice in a growing Central Texas community. However, Jedediah, consumed by the concepts of righteousness and penance, relies too heavily on the Old Book and the idea of the FOUR Horsemen.
Soon, he had punished all those who found themselves in his court. He next turned his eye to punishing his servants and staff and finally, his family.
No one knows what finally happened to the Judge but the house has exchanged hands several times over the decades. Death and chaos always seem to follow those that dare to live in it. Finally, in the year 2016, a TV production company, "One Bad Night" productions, (famous for their reality TV shows), has purchased the property and have issued a challenge for anyone who can make it to the heart of the house and solve the mystery of what happened to the Judge and his family, and of course then make it out again with video footage of their harrowing ordeal. One Bad Night Productions will of course send a professional camera-person in with you.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Justice must be served.
Will anyone... make it out alive?
Are YOU ready for FINAL Judgment?

The Rules

We want our guests to have fun, but we do expect responsible behavior. So yell and scream all you want, wet your pants if you must, really savor your frightful interactive adventure! But play nice, and pay attention to your guide and/or other crew members who are looking out not just for you, but for the safety and enjoyment of everyone on the premises. If an actor or crew member breaks out of character to give you instructions, you can bet there's a good reason for it and you need to listen carefully.

SCARE for a CURE reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone or to expel guests who in our judgment are behaving in such a way as to disrupt the event or to pose a danger to themselves, other guests, or our volunteers at any time. No refunds will be made for any reason.