Class Descriptions

BASIC Classes

Armed with a sword, the Warrior will use their martial prowess to batter aside any obstacle that is foolish enough to stand in their way. Warriors wield a sword, and at 1st Level can choose between a Sword Attack and Block.

Wise as the day is long, the Mage uses the eldritch forces at their command to cast aside any foe. Mages have a staff and a spellbook. They can choose between a physical Staff Attack or Casting a Spell.

At home in the darkness, the Rogue slinks through the shadows of the realm, using tricks and stealth to outlast their competition. Rogues have a dagger and a cloak, and can choose between a Melee Attack, or the ability to Hide and Sneak Attack for extra damage.

Called to power by the gods themselves, the Cleric uses a mace and their faith to bolster their companions and cure their ills. Clerics have a mace and holy symbol, and can choose to Attack or to Heal Themselves Or Another.

ELITE Classes

All ELITE Classes start off with a bonus ability and two extra hit points, in addition to all the abilities of their Standard counterparts.

Trained as a warrior from a young age, the venerable Warlord has learned how to use magic to heal their allies.
Warlords gain a heal spell to use.

Tested under the trials of combat, the Battlemage uses the knowledge of battle and a magic amulet to become a devastating force on the battlefield.
Battlemages gain a Magic Amulet that allows them to Shield themselves from incoming attacks.

Adept at hiding in plain sight, the Shadow uses guile and poison to inflict greater damage upon their foes.
Shadows gain a poison dagger, effectively doubling their damage.

Blessed in life and combat, Crusaders unlock a powerful direct damage attack.
Crusaders learn the ability to call upon the power of their deity to SMITE their foes.

ALL Classes gain additional abilities as they level up!

Quest Night 2018

5th Year

Last year, Scaria was threatened by elemental forces as Earth, Air, Fire, and Water tried to break physics and return Plasma to the world. Heroes stopped that attack, but the walls between the worlds weakened... and something wants to visit.

Don’t sleep, Heroes: dreams are becoming all too real. From dreadnaughts to shadowwhats, unreal things manifest. They crawl through holes torn in the Veil of Shadows, holes that look suspiciously like tears made by a clawed hand. Beware these nightmares! Even the most benevolent ones are still unnatural—contact with them risks life and sanity.

Dreams walk. Fairies dance. And a shadow dragon seeks to enter the light...